I will hold your hand
Take me home
Talk to me, sweetly
Lie down on the floor
You wash my hands
You kiss them
You make love to me, then

I smile again and the sky is full of stars

Then you walk with me
Are you cold my love?
Please go inside

I will light a fire
I'll feed you
We fall asleep

Inside of you
Inside of me
Inside our crib

You were made for me
I can tell
You have done the best and done so well
I'm a lucky man to have you
I'll hold you
I will

We are bound again by the secrets that we share

Go ahead my love
Take my blood
Let's stay till the end
enjoy the ride

You will find the ring
I'll ask you
Will you marry me?

I´ll marry you
You´ll marry me
Inside our crib

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